European Dreams

Another personal goal of mine is to buy more property, whether in the U.S. or in Europe over the next couple of years. A good friend of mine invested in a 2 bedroom condo in Spain and she rents it to tourists most of the year, which makes the payments for her. I was thinking of doing the same thing, except I was thinking about a house or condo in Italy.

I found a website, called, that has listings for properties throughout Europe for sale and also for lease. I used it to search for italian property and found a lovely condo under construction in a new development in Palermo.


The property listed shows the asking price in local currency, so this website has a handy drop down currency converter. That’s a really cool feature. It is truly designed for use by many different nationalities – everything on the site is translated in to 7 different languages.

Now I just need to look into how they handle financing in Italy. I might even be able to take a quick side trip down to check out the condo and see if I can lock it in.

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