Getting Around a New City

Having only been here for two days, it’s been a whirlwind of sights and things to learn. It is very noticeable how the language is very different. I understand the words they are saying, but we don’t use the same words in the same way back in the States. I know I have a slight southern accent – I’ve lived in Tennessee for over 40 years! So when I talk I get a lot of slightly amused looks from the people here, but everyone has been very nice.

If we can find the property and get a deal started this week, we do have another mission to find and either buy or lease a car for the company to keep here, mostly for the traveling executives that will be coming through London, but also for the daily errands of the office staff we’ll be hiring, like going to the post office and bank.

I’ll look to Cabby for advice on the vehicle search. I don’t know enough about doing business here in the U.K. to know if a lease is more practical than buying a car. I’ve done a little research on the internet and talked with our Purchasing Manager back in the office.

One website that I like is and the information that they have about getting a good deal on a lease. The site has a Vehical Lease Evaluator so I can put in all the variables in the deal being negotiated and obtain a lease factor to compare against other deals. That is a smart method of comparing offers and will come in very handy later this week when I start shopping for our new car.

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