Good Start to Saturday

Saturday I had breakfast at the hotel in the dining room and was joined by a fellow traveler. It was nice to have some company – I don’t like to eat alone.

He was a nice young man on his way to America from India. He is going to Chicago to join his brother and finish medical school. I love Chicago and we talked about the Windy City for a while. He has a strong interest in genetics and hopes to work for a company that can cure diseases using gene therapy. His hopes are to help cure some birth defects and help children.

I knew about some of the medical advances in that area, as a former co-worker has a child with dwarfism. We talked about Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and how that can help children with growth deficiencies. There have been alot of advances in that field over the past 10-15 years, with the development of a synthetic HGH which is safer. Science has found ways to use the HGH in adults, as well. Although the adults don’t get the benefits of additional height, the proper use of HGH improves skin and bones, enhances the immune system, and fights aging.

It was a fascinating discussion with a very bright young man. I expect him to find great success in his career and I hope a lot of people are cured or treated because of his work.

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