Great to hear from Kay

Kay called on her way back to Texas with great news – her horses did better than expected in the Georgia shows and she has two bids on her new foal. So things are going well for her!

The new barn should be well underway by now. Nothing fancy, but she is putting in a 650 square feet apartment and she can use that to sleep in when she’s in Texas. Now, that is a very small space, but if you aren’t going to cook much, it is enough for one person.

I know Kay will never get around to this herself, so I thought it would be really nice to make up some new curtains for her little apartment. Curtains are easy to whip up after you find the right fabric. Since she’s in Texas and the apartment is actually in a barn, I need to find some western fabric. I might also make a couple small pillows with the same fabric to make the apartment look pulled together.

I’ll start the search for fabric at the westerncowboy home decor site.  It has some interesting cowboy-themed products listed besides the fabrics, like lamps and antler chandeliers.

I can’t wait to get back from England and have a long weekend when I can take a quick trip to Texas to see her and her new barn.

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