Heading Home

Our broker called me Sunday evening and admitted that he did not have any new listings or good property prospects for us, so it is not worth staying over an extra few days. We’ll have to head home Monday as planned and touch base with the broker by email and phone from there.

I called Lydia’s room and left a voicemail to meet me in the lobby at 10:00 am with her luggage and we’ll ride together to the airport. I’m sure she will be as disappointed as I am that we didn’t find anything this trip, but you can’t get blood from a stone.

I had to call Cabby and tell him, too. That stunk. I know he was looking forward to having a few more days together, as was I. Sorry to be conflicting – I’m ready to go home but I would like more time with Cabby. So I guess I’ll haver to find a way to get back over here before too long if he feels the same way I do.

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