Honey-Do List

Decided to write out a list of things that have to get done this last week, like calling the utilities, canceling the newspaper, etc.

One of the things my son mentioned this morning was picking up a refill of his contact lenses, since his eye doctor was in Vegas when he got his last prescription. But I told him about a website that will probably save him money over anyplace locally. I saw his box of contacts in the bathroom and checked the website for his brand, acuvue oasys and I see that they carry it. In fact, the spelling looked weird and I read on the site that this brand is often misspelled as acuvue oasis.

These are pretty good contacts, but I’m not surprised because both of my sons are pretty demanding customers – they always try for the best and newest in everything. The acuvue lenses have an industry reputation for being the most comfortable lenses. They have a new technology that helps keeps eyes moist, which can be a big problem for people who live in the desert and have to deal with wind and extreme temperatures.

He showed one to me this morning because it has this new feature that I sure I had back in the day, an indicator right on the lens that tells you if it is inside out or not! I used to get them turned inside out all the time during handling and then I would have to hold it up to the light and squint at them and try to figure out if it was right. That was such a nuisance! I’m glad they came up with this new AV indicator – that was a great idea!

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