Last Chance to Visit With Steph

Saturday was such a pleasant day. Shopping all morning and then a visit with Cabby to the manor house and dinner. I was a little surprised that Steph didn’t join us for dinner, but Cabby said that Steph was out playing paintball with his team. I hadn’t realized that Steph played paintball – it is a really fun sport. He’s very serious about it – he’s on a competitive league that travels all over the world.

Years ago my boyfriend John and several of the guys who worked for me in the warehouse were very much into paintball. John started out with a couple of cheap paintball guns and very little gear, but as he got more and more into the sport, we realized that he was going to have to buy more things to be competitive. He loved to be the sniper, so he saved up and bought a Spyder MR1 and a lot of camo.

We found a couple of good discount paintball sources and that helped make the money we could spend on fun things go a lot farther. His second year playing was the best. His team was well practiced and very effective on the field. They won a lot of tournaments and ended up competing in the world championships held in Hawaii.

It sounds like Steph is on the same track – how exciting! Since Sunday was Easter, I wasn’t sure I would have the chance to see Steph again before I left, but Cabby said they would give me a ring when they finished up with supper at his mom’s house, and maybe play some cards or backgammon.

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