Learning London

The best part of my job is the overseas travel opportunities for me this year and probably next year, too. With the company aggressively expanding into Europe, not only with the new European franchisees need help find storefronts, but we will need the new warehouse and possibly a satellite office for some executives with a training facility. All of this growth is so exciting, and handling commercial real estate lets me in involved in the beginning stages of each transaction.

Since I’m moving to London as soon as Cabby has finished renovating the manor house into apartments, it will be convenient for so many things. I’ll probably keep the condo in Nashville and rent it our furnished – maybe to some Vandy students. They are always good for the rent money and Vandy isn’t exactly a party school with rowdy, destructive kids. If your parents are spending $40,000 a year to put your butt in class – you had better be serious about studying and staying out of trouble.

There’s still a lot to learn about living in London. I hope my trip there next week will give me a jump start on that process.

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