Missing My Home Cooking

We ate dinner at a nice little restaurant near the manor house. It was a mixture of English and Italian foods because the owners were a “mixed marriage” of an Englishwoman and an Italian chef.

Cabby stuck with traditional English beef and potatoes, but I decided to try something Italian for a change. I ordered the Lasagne with a side salad and a nice glass of red wine. I would have like to have ordered the antipasto, but it is a lot of food, meant for two, and Cabby didn’t want to try that. I didn’t really want a dessert, but Cabby was in a celebrating mood, so we ordered a piece of cheesecake and shared it. That was a nice finish and a treat for me, as I almost never indulge in cheesecake but I do like it.

The food was good, but to be honest, after being on the road for a week and eating out every meal, I am starting to miss my own home cooking.

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