Plenty of Time to Think

The flight back from London was quiet and uneventful. Lydia and I shared a row of seats with no one in the middle, and we both were preoccupied with our own thoughts for most of the flight.

I met Cabby on the internet several years ago. He impressed me right away as a likeable guy, with good manners and humility, yet a certain zest for life. I was thinking over what qualities have attracted me to different men over the years, and also how I might have changed so that some of those qualities no longer hold the same attraction to me.

I have used a couple of internet singles sites over the past two years with a casual interest in who flirted with me and who wanted to pursue a casual relationship. But I’m not getting any younger and being alone for most of the day on Easter was OK but not as fun as it could have been if I had been with a good friend for the day. So I’m ready to start dating a little more seriously, I think.

I have been to the internet site called Prime Dating Sites because they gathered links for all the top singles sites and gave each a review. I remember reading the eHarmony review on their site and thinking, this site is way too serious for what I want right now, so I didn’t go to eHarmony. But maybe now is the time for me to sign up with them. I’ve used Yahoo Personals and FriendFinder, but those sites don’t seem to care if you are looking for a serious relationship. I already have plenty of friends and a busy social life. But I want more than that, so I hope eHarmony will be the answer for me.

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