Settled in Atlanta

My son called this afternoon and let me know that he has settled into his new condo in Atlanta. All the furniture arrived last week and it only took 2 days to get unpacked. Of course, this place is much bigger and nicer than the condo he had in Las Vegas. I haven’t seen it yet, but I saw the website and I’m familiar with the neighborhood from all the trips I’ve had to make to Atlanta over the years.

The living room is huge, so he’s going to buy a new recliner sectional since he has so much room now. He’s been looking online for living room furniture and thinks he found what he wants – it’s a beautiful leather unit in chocolate brown.

He doesn’t have a problem ordering things like furniture online – he usually knows what he wants and likes the convenience of shopping from home. He found this website and thought the prices were reasonable, so with a few clicks he has his new sofa ordered and on it’s way.

He thought I might be interested in the same site, since I never have gotten around to putting furniture into my extra bedroom. My former roommate had her own furniture, but since her wedding I haven’t had anyone else in the condo with me and I think I like it that way for now. I think I’ll put a queen bed with storage unit in that room, and use it as a combination guest room and home office. I can get all my office stuff out of the living and have the living room look a lot nicer without all that extra clutter.

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