The Entryway

One of the features that Cabby decided upon early was to make the front door an entry point for all residents and guests. Once you come through the main door, there is a little entryway for mailboxes, parcel deliveries and a staircase to the two upstairs units.

There is a narrow wall in the entryway that I asked what he planned to put there. He said he thought some kind of accent table and either a mirror or a painting. I said I thought it was a perfect spot for a grandfather clock. He was impressed with that suggestion and I think that’s what we’ll do.

I remember, as a little girl, the mantle clock that my grandparents had brought over from England with them. It chimed every fifteen minutes and even the tick tock in their quiet house was a soothing and comforting sound. I can’t wait to show Cabby the website I found about grandfather clocks. It has a huge selection that you can easily sort by brand or style.

Personally, I love two of the brands they carry, my first favorite is the Bulova Clocks and a close second is the Howard Miller clocks. They both are classic styling with elegant clock faces and impeccable taste.

This website also has a blog, which of course I read since I’m a blogger, too. There is a nice post in the blog about placement of a grandfather clock in the entryway:

In an entranceway: There is nothing more welcoming for visitors to your home than the sight and sound of a stately grandfather clock. Not only does the music of the grandfather clock add warmth to the space, but its grand stature adds an air of elegance.

So, I’m happy this will be in Cabby’s plans for the finished manor home. I can’t wait to look over these clocks with Cabby and pick one out with him!

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