The Italian Villa

When I told him about my plans to possibly buy the Italian condo, he was very enthusiastic. I’ve been thinking about it ever since I saw the photos on that website a few days ago.

If I’m going to seriously buy a home in Italy, I’m going to need help with learning Italian . I’m hoping that my years of high school Spanish will be helpful with a lot of similar words, but I realize it is a different language in many ways and think a class of some sort is what I need. There is a website called elanguage school that has free Italian language lessons, with everything from beginner to advanced courses. The same site has free lessons for 9 other languages, too.

The website is very basic – not a lot of fluff and hard selling – just easy to see links to get you started learning a language, with the basics of pronunciation, grammar, and then building vocabulary. It even has podcasts that you can download and links to other language related websites.

I’m going to try to use this site a little bit each day and build my skills. I wish I knew someone in Nashville that speaks Italian so I can test out my progress before going over there and possibly making a fool of myself. Surely there is someone – I just can’t think of anyone off-hand.

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