Tour of London’s Lights

Yesterday was such a whirlwind. We rode all day with the real estate broker as he showed us the different parts of London but we haven’t looked at any properties yet. We’ll do that today.

Last night Lydia headed out on her own and Cabby picked me up around 7 for dinner. We went to a little pub near his house and when we walked in just about everyone there knew Cabby by name and stopped by to meet me and say hello. The food was basic bar food, which was fine, but the atmosphere was incredible.It was like having a big crowd of your best friends over to your own home, yet you don’t have to do the serving and cleaning up, you just hang out and tell stories and solve the problems of the world and then you go home to bed.

After dinner, Cabby took me around for my own special tour of London at night. It was amazing to see how different some of the same parts of the city that I had just seen by day looked so different at night and it was beautiful. There is so much history and beautiful architecture in London, it is breathtaking.

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