Waiting With Lydia

This morning we had another day of driving around London with our broker. For some reason traffic was really bad this morning, so our broker was almost a half hour late picking us up at the hotel. At least he had the decency to call and let us know. But Lydia and I were already in the lobby ready to go, so we decided to have a cup of tea and just chat while we waited.

Lydia was pretty open and honest about everything she has been through these past several years, with a divorce and being a single mom of her two teenage sons. That’s a shame, because the teenage years are precisely when boys need a strong male figure in their lives. She was living on credit cards for a while and every little unexpected problem, like a dead car battery or the washing machine breaking down, becomes a major crisis.

She confided in me that eventually she sought out a Debt Counseling service to get her finances back under control. She said that was exactly the reality check that she needed to stop spending money and take responsibility for her debts. And she managed to put her two sons through good colleges with the help of scholarships.

So hers is a kind of success story, and that is a nice way to start our day!

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