Appreciating our Receptionist

Our receptionist has an employment anniversary coming up the first of May. Shamika was one of our very first employees and she has been with us every day since, for 5 years. Our Human Resources Manager mentioned this to me in the kitchenette this morning as we both filled up on coffee. So I suggested we get Shamika a nice little gift and a card.

All morning we’ve traded emails with thoughts about what gift to get her. I think we finally figured it out. Aimee found a website that has really hot urban clothing and accessories, called ROCA Wear. They are one of the sponsors of Jay-Z, the rapper, on his new concert tour. I know Shamika likes Jaz-Z, because she has talked about him before.

So we looked at the website for ROCA wear clothing and ended up finding a really nice purse. Usually I don’t like to buy a purse for another women, because it is such a personal choice, but she has a hobo style purse now and the ROCA Wear site has a hobo purse in black, with the ROCA signature logo on the front, and I just KNOW she will love this purse. They have some nice clothes that she would probably love, but they are too casual to wear to the office. When we give her this purse, she will carry it everywhere and every day, so I hope she will be reminded every day that we love her and appreciate her dedication.

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