Finding the Emails

After all this work planning the actual party and designing the website, the next big step is getting the word out.

There are sites that have the emails of a large number of spades players, but they are linked within charts and lists. To harvest the actual emails, she can download a free parsing program and run the parser on the different charts to compile her invitation list.

Once she has a compiled list, she needs to clean it up, removing duplicates and removing emails addresses that are no longer valid. Then she can send out one email notice, with an opt out line so she doesn’t get busted for being a spammer. The next challenge is to find a way to send multiple emails without triggering the receiving email client’s spam filter, or all her work will be automatically directed to the players’ bulk folder or spam folder and they notice won’t be read.

So there is quite a bit of work involved and not much time to do it. Thankfully, a lot of this can be handled using software to make things faster and easier, but there is still a need for the human touch and oversight.

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