Manor House Renovation

Cabby told me about the great progress they’ve made on the manor house renovation. He has done or paid to have done all the wiring and plumbing to get ready for the finish work and installation of fixtures and appliances. He got sheetrock up and spackled, the hardwood floors down and the vinyl in the kitchens, and he’s started on painting the upstairs apartments.

The big stumbling block now is the tile man that was going to do the bathrooms has been hurt and can’t do the work. That puts us in a bind, because Cabby can’t do anything more in the bathrooms without the tile work done first.

Cabby is looking for someone to come do the tile so they don’t lose much more time. He says the Italian tile that I picked out was delivered and nothing was broken. It’s a beautiful pattern and I can’t wait to see it in the bathroom. I hope he finds a good worker to do a great job for me and the other 3 apartments.

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