Memorial Day Plans

My youngest son has invited me to his house in Alabama for Memorial Day weekend. That will be tough to schedule around, as the last half of May is always spent in Las Vegas at the ICSC convention.I can change my return flight to depart Las Vegas and arrive in Birmingham, but I would rather come back to Nashville and drive down. We’ll see how I can work it out. The main objective is to be in Huntsville no later than 10:00 am Saturday morning, as my grandson is going to be in a parade at noon.

The parade is big doings in a military town. It will be jam packed with people both in the parade and also cheering along the parade route. Finding a parking spot is going to be a huge challenge. But it will be worth it to watch my grandson riding a float and waving to everyone!

My daughter-in-law asked me for help making his costume. They want something patriotic or military looking. I told her that instead of making a costume it will be much easier and faster to order a costume from a website called In Costume. This site is great for finding a Halloween Costume, but they have costumes for all kinds of events, holidays and parties.

There is a section just for kids costumes and many different types, like Historical Costumes, Super Hero Costumes, and Television & Movies Costumes. I found a darling Uncle Sam costume that comes in a child’s size Medium, and it’s very reasonably priced.

Uncle Sam

There is also an Army uniform and a Navy uniform, and an Air Force uniform. Any of these should be great for what she wants. I’m sure there is something at In Costume that my grandson can wear in the parade.

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