More on the Party Website

My friend who is planning the spades party had a few questions tonight, so we stopped shooting messages back and forth on Yahoo Messenger and I gave her my phone number so she could call and talk, to save time.

Ideally, she wants to have an online form so people can register on the website with some core information, such as name, email address, when they plan to arrive, do they want to have the catered dinner on Saturday, etc.

Well, for this project to go from a simple web page as a flyer to a multiple page website with a form for data entry and perhaps shopping cart to handle the processing of the registration fee, there is a big difference in the amount of time that I can spend on this as a free favor.

Programmers have various methods of handling forms and that is getting into an advance skill level. There is information on the internet for people who want to learn about processing forms, and a few free or low cost sites that include simple forms as part of their hosting package. If you are asking the general public to input information, there is a good chance that someone will not enter the correct information or they will enter it in the wrong format. For instance, if you ask for an answer that includes a number, for example 45, there is a difference between these answers:

  • 045
  • 45.00
  • forty-five

If the user puts the answer in the wrong format, you have a problem processing the answers. To help make sure the answers are in the format you need, your form needs to have a step or process called validation. You can see the benefit of using validation before the answers are accepted and why this is not longer a simple web page flyer.

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