Next is Content

Most people start with a list of things they want to say, rather than making the decisions and planning the first steps that I outlined earlier. So when we get to content, it should be relatively easy. Well, maybe not.

Content has to be presented in a format that we are trained since kindergarten to read and comprehend. Some of this overlaps into the design area of concern. The most basic thoughts are:

  • We read from top left, across to the right, and down.
  • We read a headline or title first
  • We read best for comprehension and speed if the text is in short lines within multiple columns versus one column with very long lines.
  • Answer the 6 “W’s” (Who, What, Where, When, Why, How)

So for the spades party she needs to make this information clearly presented:

Who, from two perspectives:
Who is hosting the event and who is invited?
Are you inviting people of all skill levels? Members of a club? General public? Children?

Are these social games or competitive games? Will there be tournaments? What kind?

Name of venue, street address, and contact information (for those who get lost) plus directions and a map

Event dates. Start time and finish time for each day of the event. Deadline for RSVP or registration.

Purpose of this event? Social gathering or competition? Fund raiser or for profit?

What do you want them to do to RSVP? What if they have questions? Do you need an FAQ section? What if someone wants to come a day early? What if someone wants to share a ride or the cost of a hotel room – how do they hook up?

And last, since this is, in effect, a sales pitch to garner attendance, you have to make a “call to action.”
What do you want the reader to do next? How can you make them RSVP? How will you know who is coming? What deadlines do you have to meet, such as room deposit on the venue or catering head count?

Now, how do you get the word out and draw readers to your site? That is called “Marketing.”

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