Next Step

After we choose a web host, the next step is to decide the format of the web page itself. Do we want to have a single page divided into different sections? Or do we need to have multiple pages so that the user has a quick pageload and links to other pages targeted to their specific interest?

Do we want a conventional website designed in PageMaker, Dreamweaver, Net Fusion, etc.? Or could we use a blog to handle the job? Should the website BE a blog or just HAVE a blog as part of the site?

Since we are doing this project on a very tight budget, we are checking out the free resources first, and if the free ones don’t meet our needs, then we are moving up the cost ladder one step at a time.

For something fast and easy, we can use a single page hosted on Yahoo. For something a little more advanced, I don’t think a free web host or free web page designer program will do a good job. I have access to all the big name web design packages, but there are some free ones available for download if you know where to look. Since I’m supposed to be helping her – not doing this project myself and giving it to her – I am giving her the resources and links and letting her make the decision on which way to go.

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