Preds Win Again!

Wow – put my Predators under pressure and these guys will rise to the challenge. They played game 4 of the Stanly Cup Playoffs series and soundly beat the Red Wings again. So the series in round 1 stands at 2 games for each team, which means there will definitely be a game 6 and possibly the full 7 games to get a winner who will advance to round 2.

Strangely, almost all the round 1 games in the western conference are in a tie at 2 games each like we are. This is one very tough division and the games are very evenly matched. In the eastern conference there has been one shut out with Pittsburgh taking 4 games in a row from Ottowa, so one of Canada’s top teams has been knocked out.

Our next game is back in Detroit on Friday. The arena is going to broadcast that game on the jumbotron and open the arena to free seating for fans who want to come downtown for a big rally and party for Friday night’s game. Wouldn’t that be a fun way to watch the game?

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