Ready for the NFL?

I saw over the weekend that they’ve announced the NFL schedule for the new season. I might try to go to a few of the games this year.

When I got divorced the ex insisted on taking the season tickets and seat licenses for the Titans, and at the time I was so glad to be rid of him that I didn’t care. But now I kick myself for letting him have them, because he moved away and gave my tickets to his worthless street thug sons.

This year the Titans might have a decent season and since they FINALLY wised up about the thug Pacman and got rid of him, I might be more interested in being a Titans fan again. But I still love the Redskins, too.

Some of us in the office are taking about going in together for some tickets and maybe even doing a fantasy league restricted to just people within our office. I think that would be great fun, but I have to get some help with the newer players and stats if I’m going to compete on a fantasy league.

Bill told me about a sports site that he like called Addict Sports. They have a forum where people can discuss all kinds of things about all the different sports. Bill says he used it last year for his NFL fantasy team on Yahoo and that he came in second place, thanks to all the help he got with his NFL picks from the Addict Sports NFL forum.

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