Taking Care of Me

Yesterday I decided to pamper Selena. I took a long hot soak in the tub while I read the new “O” magazine. I gave myself a manicure and pedicure – not only did I save $60 but I did a more thorough job than the last girl at the salon and I took my time allowing the different coats of polish to dry so it won’t peel off so easily.

Took a long brisk walk before the weather turned cold and misty and clean out my closet by tossing a couple pairs of shoes that were starting to look haggard and tossed a couple of suits that had pulls in the fabric and frayed long the hems. Then I attacked the linen closet and tossed a few towels and old sheet sets into a bag to drop off at the vets – they are always in need of sheets and towels for the pet cages, and it’s a nice gesture to help a sick dog or cat rather than add to the landfill.

The only time I turned on the TV was to watch the new Big Brother episode. I love that show and we are getting down to the end of this series, so I just had to watch it and I painted my nails while I was on the couch.

Even got 9 full hours of sleep last night, so I’m ready to take this week by storm!

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