Vegas Pool Party

Next month when I go to the big ICSC convention I’m going to have to attend the NAI invitation only pool party. This whole idea really freaks me out – being in a swimsuit around a couple hundred hot shot real estate brokers and another hundred or so millionaire builders and developers, and trying to look classy and sophisticated while being practically naked. Oh my god. Whose stupid idea WAS this?

There is no way I would wear my beach tanning suit to this pool party. I’m going to have to find something else more modest and something very flattering, with accessories. Of course the department stores here don’t have the new summer clothing lines in stock yet, so there are very few places to find a swimsuit where I can try it on and make sure it looks good.

So that means I’m on the internet surfing for one piece swimsuits and ordering it in a couple different sizes to make sure it I have one that fits right in time for the trip to Vegas. And of course, the crash diet starts today so I can lose those extra 10-12 pounds and look smashing when I get there!

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