Fly Fishing Invitation

Since my son just moved to Atlanta and isn’t dating anyone, he thought I might like to go fly fishing with him. Isn’t he a great kid? Of course I would love it! I grew up fishing and made a point to take my own kids fishing as much as possible while they were growing up.

The fly fishing trip will be in South Carolina’s “low country” area, near Charleston. We’ll take a charter boat and captain from Fly Right Charters and they provide everything. They handle the fishing license, the tackle, the bait or the flies, the guide, the food – everything you need for a great fishing trip.

My son’s host will be there with his wife. They are a little older than my son, so it will be a fun mixture of people on the boat, along with Captain John Irwin. There are several varieties of fish in the different waterways throughout South Carolina. I went to their website and saw some great photos of the different fish their clients have caught on the fishing charter trips.

Beside being a great sale pitch activity, a Charleston Fishing Charters trip is a great way to get regional salesmen together for a day of sales motivation and team building. And it is a great reward for the top producers to get recognition and do something relaxing, far away from the office and demanding clients for just a day or two. I’m going to suggest these ideas to our own CEO tomorrow and see if he has an interest in making plans for a fishing trip.

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