Fortune Cookies

There’s a bowl on my kitchen counter full of fortune cookies. When I order take out Asian food, there are always two or three fortune cookies tossed into the bag. But most of the time it’s just me. I’m dining alone and only need 1 fortune cookie. I’m fine with dining alone most nights, it frees up my mind to listen to good music, read the newspaper or a magazine, and sometimes surf the web.

I can’t bring myself to throw out the unopened fortune cookies. I’m not known for being superstitious, but it seems like I’d be thumbing my nose at Fate if I toss out the fortune cookies without reading them first. But it seems wasteful to just open a dozen fortune cookies without eating them. I wonder if the fortunes become null and void if the person opening the cookie does not eat the cookie? Kinda to seal the deal or some such?

What to do? What to do?

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