Karate for Kids

My grandson has developed an interest in karate and martial arts, so my son is going to sign him up for lessons at a karate studio near his home. They are having a special introductory package for a special price and its only for 6 weeks. I imagine that longs enough for a 5 year old to decide if this is something they want to do on an ongoing basis or if he will lose interest and move on to something else for the summer.

Two of my brothers were black belts in karate, and one opened a studio in Virginia for several years. So I know enough about the martial arts to carry a conversation, but by no means am I an expert.

For the beginner, I believe all they need is a uniform. On the awma.com website, they have student uniforms for only $16.95 they come of four colors, depending upon which color the studio prefers for students, and that’s the only expense to get started. If he decides to stay with it and go into advanced karate and maybe even competitions, there is more Martial Arts Gear on the website, like headguards, gloves, nunchakus, and even DVDs.

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