Meal Times

Most of the day I don’t even think about food and I wish I could just eat when I’m hungry. But our work and sleep habits don’t really allow for that. I have to get up at a certain ungodly hour to dress, eat breakfast and get to the office. Then we have meetings and dealines and other office worker convention that really require everyone in the office to take their lunch break between 11:30 and 1:30. I think 2:00 is the most popular meeting time set in our office, and that’s exactly when, if I haven’t eaten since breakfast, I get hungry. I’m not hungry at 11:30 but I force myself to eat.

Then when I get home from work I have to either get a very early dinner and risk wanting a snack right before bedtime, or have an after work snack and a much later dinner. A later dinner requires the preparation and cooking time that interferes with the priime time TV shows. So I can’t win!

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