Too Many Immigrants From California

Brentwood and Franklin have become infested with immigrants from California.

No, I’m not talking about Mexicans. They’re in South Nashville and Antioch. I’m talking about the people from L.A. and San Diego who have cashed out on their overpriced real estate in Southern California and moved to Nashville to buy their McMansions and raise their snotty nosed brats here because they can get so much more house for their buck and we have such a better quality of life here than anywhere in California.

I’m going to just start refering to Brentwood and Franklin as “New California” or maybe “Eastern California.” I hate driving anywhere near the mall anymore. These people from California think it’s OK to just step out into traffic and walk anywhere in the road or parking lots that they want without even looking for cars. California has big laws protecting pedestrians and giving them right of way. Tennessee does not.

In the South, cars rule. The sooner these new people from California understand this principle the sooner we can all get along.


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