Digitally Yours

Now that TV does not work without some kind of digital converter box or digital hookup, I’m looking at all my options. Something has to be done pretty quick, I only have a few more days of this billing cycle and if I’m going to change my service it needs to be done before I’m obligated to another month’s ransom.

My boss was talking about how his family recently switched to Dish TV and I’m seriously thinking about that for my home. I have a big TV in the living room, where I like to sit for an hour or two at night when my special shows come on. I’ll make a big bowl of popcorn and fix a tall glass of iced tea for my show night.

Then I have a small TV in the kitchen, for the nights when I’m running late for dinner and have to cook while my favorite show might be on. I’ll turn on the kitchen TV so I can keep up with what’s going on while I cook. It’s especially convenient for the nights when my shows start at 7:00, like Survivor. I don’t want to miss any of that!

I used the internet to find direct satellite tv offers and saving a little money is a big part of this whole decision to switch. I have a pretty tight budget – who doesn’t have to watch their money in this recession? – so I am being extra careful with the luxuries like TV and movies.

It only takes a few minutes of clicking and a couple of phone calls to find the right tv pricing for your needs. After all, the five or ten dollars that you save on TV service can go toward a nice bottle of wine instead of iced tea for the next home movie night!

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