Monthly Archives: December 2010

New Year’s Party

Heading out in a few to go downtown and party with friends to welcome the year 2011. We are meeting at the corner of Broadway and 1st Avenue, where the Music City Star train station unloads its downtown passengers. I know it is going to be hella crowded, but that’s all part of the fun.

Nashville does not allow drinking from open containers or cups on the public streets, so I wonder how they are going to have everyone drink a toast to the New Year and sip champagne at midnight? All I know is that I bought a bottle of champagne at the store this afternoon, kept it in the refrigerator, and just now popped it open so I could have a sip before leaving for the party. If we are not allowed to have champagne out on the street tonight, then I will have my own champagne toast when we get home in the morning.

No Ho Ho Ho for Beau

Found this silly Santa hat at the bottom of the box of Christmas decorations. But my dog was not happy about having it on his head. I could barely get him to sit still for the few seconds I needed to take this photo. Oh well, it was fun for a few minutes!

Merry Christmas

This morning was lovely. I slept until I felt like waking up – not even the dogs bothered me to et me up early. When I did wake up, the ground was covered with fresh snow. I put the TV on the cable channel that shows the yule logs burning and plays soft holiday music.

Looking forward to having a nice dinner later this afternoon and being very restful for an entire day. I hope you are enjoying your Christmas, too, however you chose to spend your special day.

Blue Christmas

This year I decided to decorate for Christmas using all blue, silver and white. I was tired of the red and gold. I think it turned out nicely. When the after Christmas sales begin, I might add to these ornaments and decorations and do this color theme again next year.

Gray Squirrel

If you look just under the picnic table top, you can see the little gray squirrel who was feasting on any droppings left by the humans. He was pretty bold. He came very close to table while we were still sitting there, and as soon as we stood up to leave, he was running over to gather up what he could find.