Keeping Protection in Force

My new desktop computer came preloaded with a lot of software, including a free trial of a name brand antivirus software. This morning when  started up the computer to check my email, I got a warning notice that the free trial had expired. So now I am searching for a new Antivirus Program.

There are plenty of web sites to get reviews and recommendations of the Best Antivirus and a lot of opinions about why is considered better than another. I have spent quite a bit of time reading about it. I also have several years of experience buying and installing the different antivirus programs. But I also like to keep an open mind and I realize that there are new and better products being developed and sold all the time.

Personally, I want an antivirus that installs once and then I never notice it. I don’t want to have to keep entering the passwords to my accounts. I don’t want to be bothered unless the program actually discovers a threat, then I want to be notified that it was found and dealt with. I think the best software works in the background and does its job without making a nuisance of itself. Come to think of it, I feel th same way about some of the people who work in my office!

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