Summer Scrubs

Today my girlfriend Sandy told me about this website: as a source for scrubs. Last time I was down at her ranch in Nolensville it seemed like I was the only one not wearing scrubs, so I asked her about it. Sandy works at Vanderbilt in the ER and her daughter, Meg is a nurse on the pediatrics floor at Vanderbilt. Sandy’s next door neighbor is a nurse, too, although she works at Southern Hills, which is much closer to her house than going all the way downtown to Vandy.

Sandy has to wear nursing scrubs on the job, but she also wears them around the house and out for local errands. She says they are comfortable, easy to wash and get stains out – especially blood stains – and they don’t need ironing if you take them out of the dryer as soon as they are dry enough to hang up.

Scrubs come in different colors, and some of the tops have really fun patterns. Meg wears a variety of scrubs tops because she works with kids and wants to be bright and colorful. Sandy goes for the plain light blue or the plain green scrubs. Her neighbor was wearing the green ones when I was there.

I think I’ll try a pair of green ones for a start. You don’t have to buy them in sets – you can buy just scrubs pants with the drawstring waist, or just some scrubs shirts to wear like a smock. If they are as cool and comfortable as Sandy says, I’ll be happy with 2 or 3 pairs for around the house and working in the yard instead of the heavy and hot blue jeans or khaki colored twill pants that I have now..


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