Web Site Help

There is a huge difference between a home grown web site for personal blogs and hobbyists; a free web site for low budget businesses and people trying to earn a little extra cash with monetized blogs; and a professional web site. The internet has sprung up with all kinds of technical specialties, like designers, developers, and people who can do Search Engine Optimization.

I started out with my web site designs by reading books and online tutorials about writing HTML. It was easy to find a variety of books and web sites on the basics. Then I tried my hand at coding some simple pages. I found a free web site that let you have a homepage and choose from 100 templates to customize. Then I designed specialty pages with the rules of different types of Spades tournaments. I was getting pretty good at making everything look like I wanted it to. But then the use of frame became undesirable, the use of style sheets became the standard, and everything started getting harder.

Now I have had to admit my limits. When I need help with my web pages, I go to an internet professional. I get help with tech support and even found a way to get Search Engine Optimization so my sites get maximum exposure. But at least I speak their language and understand what I need, then I can go get the best help that I can afford and the web sites look great!

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