Yahoo Upgraded Emails

About a month ago I got a notice from Yahoo that they had upgraded their email and they wanted me to voluntarily upgrade my email account. Well, I don’t like to be the first to install new things. The first versions tend to have bugs and problems and I didn’t want to have issues with my email. I’ve used my Yahoo email since 1998 and it’s been good for me. But today when I tried to log in, I got a message that I MUST upgrade immediately. So I reluctantly did that.

The new version is nice – a little more attractive to the eye. But one huge shortcoming that I discovered right away. The date that the emails are received are now displayed as “Today” “Yesterday” and “Wednesday” instead of showing the dates. I really need the actual dates displayed. Saying that I received it on Wednesday does not help me at all.

I tried all the settings and options and that does not seem to be anything that I can change. This is very disturbing and may well force me to abandon my Yahoo accounts and switch to Google’s Gmail instead. What a bummer!

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