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Tracking Maintenance with Software

Not that I need to be liked by everyone, but sometimes being in property management can be very lonely. It seems like nobody likes the property manager.

The landlord doesn’t like you because most of the times you have to call its with a problem that costs him money.

The tenants don’t like you because you have to enforce their lease and they are always at a disadvantage when they need help.

The vendors don’t like you because you are needing urgent help and have to hold them to high standards. Thank goodness I have access to good  Maintenance Software so that we don’t have a lot of emergencies from neglected repairs.

The software that I use is web based, which is awesome for us. I can access the web based software from anywhere there is an internet connection. My maintenance crew can access it after hours if they need to, and the building owners can access it from wherever they may be, whenever they want to see it.

Once I set it up with all the data, it is so easy to use and keep track of everything. I can’t imagine how hard it would have been to do all of this back in the days before computers!


Text Warning

text warning

Wouldn’t it be great if some of the new phones had this app? (Sorry about the adult language – but we are all adults here, right?)

This app might have saved a few people some huge embarrassments recently. I’m not naming names, but you know who you are!

IPad Books for Kids

Do you have an iPad yet? They are awesome! I’m the kind of geek who will go early on the first day something new is available and camp out with everyone to get a good spot in line. So, if you were in Green Hills Mall and thought you saw me at the Apple store in line to get a brand new iPad, you were probably right!

I am not the only Apple geek around here. When I ordered some Chinese food for take away and went to pick it up last night, I noticed that the restaurant owner’s kids were sitting in the kitchen area at a table. Both of them had iPads and were totally entranced. I asked what the little girl was doing and she showed me the digital book that she was reading. The little boy is only 4 years old, and he was playing a Thomas the Train game on his iPad.

I have seen digital books for adults, but had not given any thought to the huge children’s book market. Now that I am aware of it, I have found sites like Lazytown Digital Books For iPad and am blown away at the variety of bright, colorful and engrossing children’s books are available. They have everything from Garfield to Bible stories. What a great idea!

After the Fires Are Out

For a while the news every day was about the drought in Texas and the horrible wildfires that were burning thousands of acres of land in Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona and New Mexico, This summer has been bone dry for those four states and when there is no water, the risk of wildfires is severe. The real shocker was when they announced the fires just outside of Austin – a major city. My friend John lives just outside of Austin, so I have been in constant contact with him about his safety and checking to make sure he is OK.

The company he works for was affected by the Austin fires and thank goodness they did not loss any of their expensive machinery. Several of John’s co-workers lost their homes to the fires. Some of them are just now being allowed to return home to salvage what they can. A few have homes standing but have to deal with smoke damage and water damage. I’m glad the internet helps with a search for because that makes it easy to find a professional crew to come help. Trust me, you cannot recover from a house fire without professionals.

John told me last night that he found water damage experts Austin and was able to make an appointment for them to come look at the damage to the company’s offices. I’m sure that everyone will be working hard for over a month to recover from all of this. My heart goes out to Austin.

Postal Service Going Broke

With all the other bad news for our economy, now we are hearing reports about how the post office is going broke. They are losing an incredible amount of money, with no clear plan or hopes for even breaking even next year, much less ever turn a profit.

The news on our street is that the post office serving my neighborhood is going to close. I don’t know which post office will have to take over for the one that closes. There are three post offices within 10 miles of y house, so I guess they will split the routes between the remaining two – if they keep open the other two.

I would be totally fine with them stopping mail delivery on Saturdays and even one more day each week. How about skipping Wednesdays? It would not be so bad once everyone got used to it and planned for less delivery days.