After the Fires Are Out

For a while the news every day was about the drought in Texas and the horrible wildfires that were burning thousands of acres of land in Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona and New Mexico, This summer has been bone dry for those four states and when there is no water, the risk of wildfires is severe. The real shocker was when they announced the fires just outside of Austin – a major city. My friend John lives just outside of Austin, so I have been in constant contact with him about his safety and checking to make sure he is OK.

The company he works for was affected by the Austin fires and thank goodness they did not loss any of their expensive machinery. Several of John’s co-workers lost their homes to the fires. Some of them are just now being allowed to return home to salvage what they can. A few have homes standing but have to deal with smoke damage and water damage. I’m glad the internet helps with a search for because that makes it easy to find a professional crew to come help. Trust me, you cannot recover from a house fire without professionals.

John told me last night that he found water damage experts Austin and was able to make an appointment for them to come look at the damage to the company’s offices. I’m sure that everyone will be working hard for over a month to recover from all of this. My heart goes out to Austin.

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