Demand for CAD CAM

For a short time between high school and college, I worked in the sales office of an international company that manufactured and sold lumber products. I loved the job, but we all knew from the outset that it was a temporary job because I had to move to my campus housing the first week of August. My job had to do with the marketing materials, they call it collateral, that the salespeople needed for their sales calls and their training sessions.

Other people in the office included an IT guy, the Regional Manager, six salesmen, and a drafting department. This was the first time I had ever been around engineers and draftsmen, and I found myself drawn to them and their fancy computers and printers.

The two full time draftsmen used the computers for drawing floor plans and layouts using CAD and CAM software. I used to sketch different floor plans on graph paper for fun – the geek in me – so the idea of using a computer to draw the plans was intriguing to me.

I bugged the guys for days until they agreed to show me some of the basics of the CAD program. Whoa! It was much harder to use than I ever imagined! I realized very quickly that if I wanted to use those programs that I needed a full training seminar or series of classes. Now there are better CAD CAM programs that are affordable and easy to learn. I wish I had access to these new programs to learn how to use them – there is always a demand for people skilled in drafting.

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