House Special

Tonight I didn’t feel like cooking and decided to order Chinese take-out. Although I guess to be politically correct, I should say Asian food. But since the name of the restaurant is “China Star” I would think that the food is Chinese. And sometimes I really don’t care if I’m all THAT politically correct. If I say Chinese food, you know what I’m talking about, right?

So, I wanted something different and couldn’t make up my mind. I asked the woman who answered the phone at China Star if they had a “House Special” and she said, “Yes.” And, that’s what I ordered, with a backup order of Mu Shu pork, just in case. After all, the Mu Shu pork reheats beautifully and they usually give me enough to last for 4 different meals. So, for under $20 tonight, I got an entire week’s worth of food and I didn’t have to cook any of it!

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