IPad Books for Kids

Do you have an iPad yet? They are awesome! I’m the kind of geek who will go early on the first day something new is available and camp out with everyone to get a good spot in line. So, if you were in Green Hills Mall and thought you saw me at the Apple store in line to get a brand new iPad, you were probably right!

I am not the only Apple geek around here. When I ordered some Chinese food for take away and went to pick it up last night, I noticed that the restaurant owner’s kids were sitting in the kitchen area at a table. Both of them had iPads and were totally entranced. I asked what the little girl was doing and she showed me the digital book that she was reading. The little boy is only 4 years old, and he was playing a Thomas the Train game on his iPad.

I have seen digital books for adults, but had not given any thought to the huge children’s book market. Now that I am aware of it, I have found sites like Lazytown Digital Books For iPad and am blown away at the variety of bright, colorful and engrossing children’s books are available. They have everything from Garfield to Bible stories. What a great idea!

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