Tracking Maintenance with Software

Not that I need to be liked by everyone, but sometimes being in property management can be very lonely. It seems like nobody likes the property manager.

The landlord doesn’t like you because most of the times you have to call its with a problem that costs him money.

The tenants don’t like you because you have to enforce their lease and they are always at a disadvantage when they need help.

The vendors don’t like you because you are needing urgent help and have to hold them to high standards. Thank goodness I have access to good  Maintenance Software so that we don’t have a lot of emergencies from neglected repairs.

The software that I use is web based, which is awesome for us. I can access the web based software from anywhere there is an internet connection. My maintenance crew can access it after hours if they need to, and the building owners can access it from wherever they may be, whenever they want to see it.

Once I set it up with all the data, it is so easy to use and keep track of everything. I can’t imagine how hard it would have been to do all of this back in the days before computers!


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