Daily Archives: October 22, 2011

Toner Supplies for my Brother Printer

Way back in the early 1990’s, I was working in a small real estate office and we had a variety of needs for access to computers, printers, fax machines and copiers. We created a lot of legal documents that needed to be multiple copies, for both our files and for distribution at the legal closing proceedings to all the parties who needed to sign them.

We had a high volume copier in a little side room, and then a long counter top that was cluttered with all the other equipment. We had three personal computers, and each one of the computers had a dedicated printer. The printers were a variety of brands and capabilities. Sometimes we needed to print high quality color photos and color reports, other times we needed to print just black and white but on legal size paper. My computer was attached to a little Brother laser printer and I still have and use that printer! The challenge now is to find brother hl 4150 toner for it.
Around here, Brother is not that popular a brand and I have to admit that we did not buy the Brother printer here. One of the agents that we hired had moved here from Atlanta and she brought the Brother printer with her when she moved here and took the job with us. Eventually, the broker bought the Brother printer from her and we hooked it up to my computer, as I was the one who produced most of the contracts, purchase offers, non-disclosure agreements and other legal documents.

None of the local office supply stores carry toner for Brother printers, so I order it online. I don’t mind ordering online, it’s just that there is no wiggle room for keeping a spare on hand, because when you order it you have to allow at least two or three days for delivery.