More Printers

Over the years I think I have bought and worked on just about every brand of printer there is.

In the beginning, I tried to be loyal to Canon printers, as I was a huge fan of Canon copiers. I believed at the time that the print and copy quality of the Canon brand was far superior to the other brands. Trust me, I had done a complete analysis of all the copier brands and had live demonstrations staged in our office for a committee who all agreed that Canon was the best- at that time.

But then they started making cheap crap that didn’t last and their performance slipped, too. so we started the comparison all over again. The second time we decided that Epson was the best.

Over the years, I have bought HP printers because of their price points. They have consistently offered multi-function machines – those that print, copy, scan and fax – for a better price than their competition. Sometimes you do have to sacrifice quality for value.

Now I am using a Kodak printer. Again, pricing is a huge consideration in that the print quality is comparable to the other brands, but the cost of replacement ink/toner is significantly lower than the other brands.

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