Photo Magic

Ever since I was a little kid, I have loved cameras. I don’t like to have my own photo taken, but I love to take pictures. I had an old Brownie camera that was a rectangular box with a lid that flipped opn on top. You had to hold the camera up close to your chest and look down into the flip top section, which was actually a couple of mirrors positioned inside the camera to work as your view finder.

I’ve been lucky to have parents who supported my picture taking and they bought me a variety of cameras over the years, never complaining about the cost of film and the expense of developing unseen photos. I even had a Polaroid camera that used quick developing film. Those were fun but the photos never really turned out all that good.

Now that we have digital cameras and computers, I have been looking at getting a Photo editor program to do some post processing and use some special effects on the photos before I print them or publish them on my blog.

There are a lot of different processing options, from taking out the color and making them sepia toned, like the old fashioned photos from the Wild West days, or to touch up the color balance from old photos that you scan in and want to retouch to counteract fading or aging. It is all very exciting to me – I love taking pictures!

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