Monthly Archives: November 2011

Measures and Navigatation

Do you know what an inertial navigation system does? I do! Not only that, but I’ve used one.

Nobody ever believes me when I tell them that I used to work as a land surveyor. It was actually my first full time job that I got right out of college. It was not what I had planned to do, but I had heard about the job opening from a friend, the pay was really good, and it sounded interesting. So I went to the owner of the company and asked about it and was flat turned down. The old guy said that surveying was “no job for a girl.”

Of course, that just made me mad and made me more determined to not only get that job but to be the best doggone surveyor he ever had. I went back the next day, loaded for bear, and he surprised me by changing his mind and giving me a chance. That started my career of working with distance measurements and direction.

Between cutting a path with a bush axe, pulling chain, running a surveyor’s transit, programming a computer to plot metes and bounds, and taking four boats out on the river to set oyster beds, I could do it all and I really loved that job. The only reason I left was because the owner decided to retire and sell the business to a competitor in a neighboring county who closed that office, and it was too far for me to drive every day.

Roy Orbison Keeping Me Company

I have to spend some time fixing a web site tonight that some hacker messed up. I am really tired but the site has been down for two days already and I really need to get it back up. So I am hunkered down with Roy Orbison on Spotify, a big pot of green tea on the night stand, and my laptop ready to rock and roll.

The hacker took over 94 pages from the WordPress site and left me only 8 that weren’t corrupted. I have no idea why those 8 were spared. Maybe he got bored and moved on. Every single graphic has to be reloaded, sized and placed. Very monotonous but it must be done. So I’m outta here. If you hear someone singing “Pretty Woman” or “Cryin'” tonight, that might be me!

Short Stories

A friend of mine likes to write but never seems to be able to finish writing a full length novel. He tops out around 7,000- 10,000 words. So he calls these his “short stories.”

I don’t know very much about writing and getting books published, but I wonder if there is any market for a collection of short stories? Or do those authors just sell their work to magazines?With printed newspapers and magazines going out of business all the time, is the market for selling short stories going to disappear, too?

Airport Parking Hassles

Traffic is crazy today. I guess a lot of people are heading out of town for Thanksgiving. I noticed when I drove by the airport that the big parking lot closest to the airport had a digital sign advising people that there are only 600 parking spots available at that lot. I bet those are all taken by 5:00 pm. Then the cars have to use the outlying lots and take a shuttle from those lots, which cost extra money and takes extra time.

What bothers me is that the parking lot charges $26 a day to park there. So if you leave on Wednesday and come back Sunday night, you have spent $130 to leave your car parked at the airport. Surely you could take a taxi cab for a lot less money, and not have the stress of looking for an available spot, finding it when you come back, and the stress of getting to the gate. A cab would drop you off right at the departures door where you can check your luggage curbside and walk right into the terminal.