Measures and Navigatation

Do you know what an inertial navigation system does? I do! Not only that, but I’ve used one.

Nobody ever believes me when I tell them that I used to work as a land surveyor. It was actually my first full time job that I got right out of college. It was not what I had planned to do, but I had heard about the job opening from a friend, the pay was really good, and it sounded interesting. So I went to the owner of the company and asked about it and was flat turned down. The old guy said that surveying was “no job for a girl.”

Of course, that just made me mad and made me more determined to not only get that job but to be the best doggone surveyor he ever had. I went back the next day, loaded for bear, and he surprised me by changing his mind and giving me a chance. That started my career of working with distance measurements and direction.

Between cutting a path with a bush axe, pulling chain, running a surveyor’s transit, programming a computer to plot metes and bounds, and taking four boats out on the river to set oyster beds, I could do it all and I really loved that job. The only reason I left was because the owner decided to retire and sell the business to a competitor in a neighboring county who closed that office, and it was too far for me to drive every day.

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