Airport Parking Hassles

Traffic is crazy today. I guess a lot of people are heading out of town for Thanksgiving. I noticed when I drove by the airport that the big parking lot closest to the airport had a digital sign advising people that there are only 600 parking spots available at that lot. I bet those are all taken by 5:00 pm. Then the cars have to use the outlying lots and take a shuttle from those lots, which cost extra money and takes extra time.

What bothers me is that the parking lot charges $26 a day to park there. So if you leave on Wednesday and come back Sunday night, you have spent $130 to leave your car parked at the airport. Surely you could take a taxi cab for a lot less money, and not have the stress of looking for an available spot, finding it when you come back, and the stress of getting to the gate. A cab would drop you off right at the departures door where you can check your luggage curbside and walk right into the terminal.

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