DVD Collection

Most of the time I watch a movie at home instead of going to the theater. It is just so expensive to pay for not only the ticket cost but the concession stand prices are outrageous! Why on earth would I pay $10 for a small box of popcorn. I know that the popcorn in that box only cost the theater pennies for the corn, a few pennies for the electricity to pop it, a few pennies for the box itself and then MAYBE 50 cents for a generous squirt of melted butter – if it is even REAL butter.

So now that I watch movies at home, I decided to get a big flatscreen TV connected to 8 speakers installed at critical points in the room for surround sound, and a wire shelf to hold my DVD and CD collection.

Every once in a while I find a DVD that I like in the sale bin at WalMart or at the used CD and DVD store for $2 – $5 and I’ll bring it home to add to my collection. It’s not a collection for investment – it’s just a reflection of some of the movies that I like, for various reasons, and for the nights when there is nothing interesting to watch on cable TV, I can pull a DVD off the shelf and watch something that I know I like.

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